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Persephone by beespit
I have been experimenting with watercolour the last few weeks. I am planning on making more deities associated with different times of the wheel of the year 

This one was made for Samhain, or Halloween for most people. Demeter, Greek goddess of the harvest had a beautiful daughter called Persephone. She was abducted bij Hades, God of the underworld to be his queen. He planted the most beautiful flower (a Narcissus) to lure her. Demeter went into mourning and no harvest came, crops started to die and the land grew colder and colder. 

After three months, Zeus on mount Olympus started to notice that they weren't getting any offerings from the humans down below because Demeter was in mourning and did not let anything grow. They decided it would be best to get Persephone back. 

But before Hades let her leave, he tricked her into eating a piece of a pomegranate. Forever binding her to the underworld. When she returned to mount Olympus, they saw her red stained lips and realised her innocence was gone. She had changed. Demeter was happy again and life returned to the land. Though every year she would return back to the underworld to be with her husband Hades, to help guide the spirits. Demeter would go back into mourning. This is how the ancient Greeks explained the changing of the seasons. 

This can been seen as a very tragic story. Persephone was abducted and held against her will. But I like to think that when they went to go find her.. they did not find a scared little girl, but a radiant queen of the underworld. That is why I depicted her two difference aspects. Life and Death, summer and winter, day and night, girl and woman.

This work was made on 24x30 cm 300g watercolour paper with van Gogh watercolours, guache and Staedler pigment liners. 
The Narcheska
Omg <3 I love The Tawny Man Trilogy so much! I was inspired to draw the Narcheska. Because she is a sassy little thing. 
Btw I havent finished Fool's Fate yet! So I have no idea if this is accurate, but this is how I imagined her in my head.

Elliania is a character by Robin Hobb, so she belongs to her. 
Samwise and the Mallorn Seed by beespit
Samwise and the Mallorn Seed
This took me aaggeesss to finish. My macbook pro was getting repaired for the 3rd time *sob* So I had to work on my 2009 iMac who's cache memory fills up after 10 minutes <_<;;

but hey! It's finished! 

This is one of my favourite parts from Fellowship, where Galadriel gives Sam the Mallorn seed, which he later plants in the Shire. 

And no I am not good at drawing fat hobbits from a backward birds view perspective :')

lotr <3

The Characters belong to JRR Tolkien
Selfie by beespit
I think i am going to do a challenge to draw at least for an hour every day. Hopefully it becomes a habit :) and well.. It's a drawing of myself
FitzChivalry and Nighteyes by beespit
FitzChivalry and Nighteyes
A project I have been working on for the last few days :)

I love Robin Hobb's books, I am currently reading The Tawny man trilogy (Fools Errand) and I love it so much I just had to do some fan art of Fitz and Nighteyes. 

It's the first time I draw in this style, I wanted it to be cartoony, I am kind of fed up with all the realism I have been doing lately!

Made in Photoshop CS6 with a Bamboo tablet. 


beespit's Profile Picture
Tanja Poot
Artist | Student
24 | Rotterdam | Fantasy lover
I don't know why, but I decided to revive my old deviantART page. I really feel the need to be part of the art community again.

I'm sure almost none of my watchers are active here anymore.. but Let's build it up again!! 

So.. How have I been... I am currently at my final year at the Rotterdam Art Academy Willem De Kooning and.. well.. as much as school has taught me, nothing as taught me as much as deviantART had in the past. 

The last year I have been focussing on realism with acrylic paints, but I want to het back into digital art again.. maybe a bit cartoony also..

Look forward to talking to you guys again :)
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